Instructions for Authors

Instructions for Authors

Manuscript style
Reporting guidelines
Photographs and illustrations
Supplementary material
Blind peer review
File naming convention

The primary aim of the Journal is to provide access to high-quality and timely perspectives and opinions, narrative review articles, systematic reviews, or meta-analyses, and these will form the vast majority of articles published in each edition. 

Manuscript Style

Layout should include the relevant sections from the list below:

  • Title page (all submissions) – must be provided containing the title and details of the author(s), including contact details for the corresponding author
  • Summary, including Keywords (all submissions)
  • Introduction – maximum of 250 words
  • Methods (for narrative reviews this section should include a description of the literature search methodology)
  • Results (meta-analyses and systematic reviews)
  • Discussion
  • Details of authors contributions
  • Declaration of interests and funding
  • List of references
  • Tables (including legends to tables)
  • Legends to illustrations

We can accept main manuscript files in any of the following formats: .rtf, .md, .txt, .doc, or .docx files.

As an online Journal, there is more flexibility with article length than a traditional print journal. That said, acquiring the discipline of manuscript preparation to pre-specified criteria is essential for authors new to journal submission. Unless authorised by the Editor, submissions should be written with attention to the following guidance:

  • Review Articles: guideline up to 5000 words and 150 references, with up to 30 tables or figures. Articles with heavy reliance on images e.g. radiology may have up to 100 images (contact editor)
  • Editorials: guideline up to 2500 words and 30 references, with up to 10 tables or figures
  • Perspectives, opinions and commentaries: guideline up to 4000 words and 100 references, with up to 30 tables or figures

Reporting Guidelines

The Journal strongly encourages authors to make use of available resources which outline reporting standards for various types of manuscript. These include:

  • The PRISMA Statement for reporting systematic reviews and meta-analyses (a checklist to assist authors can be downloaded here)
  • The CHEERS Statement for Health Economic evaluations

Authors will find additional useful information on the EQUATOR Network website.

Photographs and illustrations

These should be included in the main body of the file in the location the author considers most appropriate and with the appropriate legends, with copies of image files also supplied separately (as high quality .svg, .jpg/jpeg, .png, .pdf or .gif files). Please ensure that you have obtained appropriate permissions to reuse material that is subject to copyright. These permissions need to be provided as part of your submission. For images or illustrations that are in the public domain or are subject to a Creative Commons license that permits re-use without permission you will need to provide us with details of the site where the items were obtained and where their license is displayed. Your images files will be uploaded within a zip (archive) file.

Supplementary Material

For review articles, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses the Journal will accept supplementary material and will provide a link to this material when the manuscript is published.


The Journal uses a modified Vancouver reference style. References in the reference list must be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text, and they should be recorded as this number in parentheses e.g. (1). Within the body of the manuscript, references should, as a minimum, be provided as (1) etc, but you are free to add the reference author name and year e.g. (1) Bradby2013 if you wish.

You are encouraged to provide with a copy of your references from your reference manager software as supplementary material. Where possible this should be in RIS (.ris) or Bibtex (.bib) format.

Please provide PubMed ID (PMID), DOI identifiers and/or URL for your references where possible.

The Journal uses the same reference formatting as the British Journal of Anaesthesia, namely:

  • Journals. Names and initials of six authors (if more than six, list three followed by et al.), title of paper, abbreviated title of journal, year of publication, volume number (bold), first-last page numbers e.g. Myles PS, Chan MTV, Leslie K, Peyton P, Paesch M, Forbes A. Effect of nitrous oxide on plasma homocysteine and folate in patients undergoing major surgery. Br J Anaesth 2008; 100: 780-6.
  • Book chapter. e.g. Wildsmith JAW. Local anaesthetic agents. In: Aitkenhead AR, Smith G, Rowbotham DJ, eds. Textbook of Anaesthesia. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone Elsevier, 2007; 52-63
  • E-pub ahead of print. Qiao D, Chen W, Stratagoules E, Martinez J. Bile acid-induced activation of activator protein-1 requires both extracellular signal-regulated kinase and protein kinase C signaling. J Biol Chem Advance Access published on May 19, 2000, doi:10.1074/jbc.M908890199

If you use Endnote to prepare your references you can click here to download an export template to format your reference list.

Blind peer review

The standard Journal peer review process is single-blind. The Journal will facilitate double-blind peer review at the request of an author. In this case, the author should ensure that they remove all personal and institutional identifiers from their manuscript text and from their document metadata (see instructions here). It is the responsibility of authors to ensure that this process is completed accurately. An additional file containing the title page with author and institution identifiers in place will be required along with the main manuscript.

File naming convention

Please follow the appropriate naming conventions for your files:

  • cover letter: mainauthorname_coverletter_ddmmyyyy e.g. AJones_coverletter_01052014
  • manuscript: mainauthorname_manuscript_ddmmyyyy e.g. AJones_manuscript_01052014
  • image file: mainauthorname_figurenumber_ddmmyyyy e.g. AJones_figure1_01052014
  • image permission file: mainauthorname_figurenumber_permission_ddmmyyyy e.g. AJones_figure1_permission_01052014
  • audio file: mainauthorname_audionumber_ddmmyyyy e.g. AJones_audio1_01052014
  • video file: mainauthorname_videonumber_ddmmyyyy e.g. AJones_video1_01052014
  • conflict of interest form: mainauthorname_conflictform_ddmmyyyy e.g. AJones_coi_01052014


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