Welcome to the Journal

Welcome to the Journal

Critical Care Horizons is a fresh voice in critical care publishing, offering thought-provoking, cutting-edge commentary and opinion papers, plus state-of-the-art review articles. We now also accept study protocols.

Please note that we do not accept primary research, audits, case reports or narrative articles centred around case reports.

As a Journal we see discussion, commentary, and the sharing of insight, experience and ideas as central to clinical progress in our speciality.

As a platinum (universal) open access journal, we are completely free to publish with and free to read, opening authorship up to all working with the critically ill. We are driven by a desire to improve the care we offer our patients, and operate without financial aim or incentive.

We strive to be different, promoting the rapidity, broad exposure, and dynamic discussion characteristic of social media with the academic standards of an indexed, peer-reviewed journal. Covering the full spectrum of clinical care, we welcome submissions from all disciplines involved in the care of the critically ill and injured, from pre-hospital resuscitation to Emergency Department care to ICU-based management to post-discharge follow-up, and anywhere else.

The Journal publishes dynamically, releasing material to the website with the final PDF as soon as it has cleared peer-review and editorial processes. The Journal is run on a not-for-profit basis, with editorial staff operating on a voluntary basis without monetary reimbursement. NLM (Medline/PubMed) has specific requirements (in terms of how long a Journal must have been publishing for and how many articles have to be published) before a Journal is eligible for indexing. Critical Care Horizons will be submitted for indexing when these have been met.

Critical Care Horizons is a journal for the critical care community, by the critical care community, without access impediment or financial bias. This is your journal. We hope you will enjoy the content, get involved in discussing the articles, and publish your work with us.