Current Issue

Current Issue

Critical Care Horizons 2015, Volume 1, Issue 1 (June 24th 2015)


Airway management of the critically ill patient: modifications of traditional rapid sequence induction and intubation
Tim Leeuwenburg (Australia)
Critical Care Horizons 2015; 1: 1-10 (June 24th 2015)


Antimicrobial therapeutics in critical care
Katie Fong and Ronan McMullan (UK)
Critical Care Horizons 2015: 1: 11-21 (June 24th 2015)


Optic nerve sheath ultrasound and intracranial pressure
Claire Shevlin (UK)
Critical Care Horizons 2015; 1: 22-30 (June 25th 2015)


Mitochondrial function in sepsis
Thiago Corrêa (Brazil), Stephan Jakob and Jukka Takala (Switzerland)
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